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Located in Gray County, Texas, McLean is a city with a rich history that has witnessed several notable events throughout the years. From battles to encounters with famous outlaws, this small town has had its fair share of historical significance. Let's delve into seven historical events that have taken place near McLean, Texas.

1. Battle of Adobe Walls (June 27, 1874)
One of the most significant events in McLean's history is the Battle of Adobe Walls. Occurring approximately 15 miles northeast of modern-day McLean, this clash involved hunters and traders in the region against a large force of Native Americans led by Quanah Parker. Although the battle ended in a stalemate, it marked an important moment in the conflict between settlers and Native Americans on the Texas frontier.

2. The Red River War (1874-1875)
Paralleling the Battle of Adobe Walls, the Red River War was a military campaign mounted by the U.S. Army, with the objective of subduing the Southern Plains Indians, particularly the Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne tribes. As part of this campaign, several skirmishes and engagements took place near McLean, signifying the clash of cultures that defined the settlement of the region.

3. The Leila Lake Shootout (September 21, 1892)
Just a few miles southwest of McLean, a notorious shootout took place in the small community of Leila Lake. Known as "The Oldham County War," this conflict occurred between two factions vying for control over Oldham County government, resulting in a violent confrontation and multiple deaths, including the famous lawman, Elfego Baca.

4. Formation of the Devil's Rope Museum
With their ranching heritage ingrained in the region, McLean and its surroundings became home to the Devil's Rope Museum. Founded in 1991, this unique institution showcases and preserves the history of barbed wire, a crucial component of the Texas cattle industry. Located in McLean, the museum offers visitors a chance to explore the role of this invention in the settlement of the American West.

5. Route 66 and McLean's Entrepreneurial Spirit
As Route 66, the "Mother Road," was established in the 1920s, McLean quickly became a bustling stop along this iconic highway. The town capitalized on this opportunity by fostering numerous businesses, including gas stations, motels, restaurants, and curio shops. Today, McLean still bears traces of this entrepreneurial spirit, preserving its Route 66 heritage.

6. The John Dillinger Incident (July 24, 1933)
Infamous bank robber John Dillinger and his gang passed through McLean during their notorious crime spree in the 1930s. As they sought to evade capture, Dillinger and his gang stole a car from a local resident, marking a brief but unforgettable moment in McLean's history.

7. Pioneer West Museum
Home to the Pioneer West Museum, McLean preserves and presents artifacts from its early settlement days. Founded in 1963, the museum showcases displays covering various aspects of pioneer life, including farming, ranching, transportation, and military history. It serves as a reminder of the hardships and accomplishments of those who forged a life on the Texas frontier.

These seven historical events serve to underscore the diverse and vibrant past of McLean, Texas. From battles and lawlessness to the growth of iconic American routes, the town's history is intertwined with the broader narrative of the American West. Exploring McLean's past through these events sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of those who shaped the region.

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