TFD Supplies Game Time

Discount Code:

Game Time Remaining

This screen will change once the code is used.

Code Value Increases Every Single Minute

1. Code Value: $2 Off $50
2. Code Value: $4 Off $50
3. Code Value: $6 Off $50
4. Code Value: $8 Off $50
5. Code Value: $10 Off $50
6. Code Value: $12 Off $50
7. Code Value: $15 Off $50
8. Code Value: $20 Off $50
9. Code Value: $25 Off $50

Realtime Visitors:

How It Works: There is one discount code listed on this page. The value of the discount code increase as the game time moves forward. As soon as ANYONE uses the code it is no longer available to be used and the game is over. Buy early and save a little less or wait to buy and save more. But of course the longer you wait, the more others will want to use the code as well. Just enter the discount code at checkout at The code is a first come first serve basis for the first customer to use it.