Blue Flying Light Toy

Blue Flying Light Toy

  • $3.95

Blue Flying Light Toy Flies Through The Air With a Streak of Blue Light

You will love this toy. Send a streak of blue light through the air. Safe and easy to use at any age. The blue LED lights up on the flier and shoots hundreds of feet into the air using the included band and pull stick. Then watch as the blue light shoots through the air. The batteries to power the LED light are included and will power the light for hundreds of flights.

Fun for All Ages. Safe and easy for children of any age.

Children of any age will love this toy. Young in age or young at heart, you will find yourself addicted to flying your blue light flier.

Listing includes 1 complete toy (batteries included). Order a few. You'll like them.

When you buy toys from us there are 100% complete with nothing else to buy. The unit comes complete with everything that you need. You will not need a single tool or to put in a single battery. It is ready right out of the packaging.

Simply pull back, shoot, and enjoy.

Simply connect the flier to the included band and pull stick. Pull it back and release. It will fly high into the air and glide back to the ground with showing off the blue LED light. The batteries are include and there is nothing else to buy.

Free shipping from Illinois within 1 business day with tracking number.

It will arrive in you mailbox in only a few days. No need to wait weeks from China. Order and have it in just a few days with a tracking number you can easily track through USPS 24/7. Package will ship within 1 business day from when you place the order. Normal transit time is between 2 and 4 days to anywhere in the contiguous USA.

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