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6 Things Educators Have Right

February 26, 2019

Educators are getting many things right, and they need to be given credit for the things that they are doing well. There are many people who are wondering what they can do to support teachers, and there are some people who need to learn how the teachers in their local schools are doing. Teachers are doing their jobs very well, and they are getting all the things listed below right. In fact, you might not even realize that they are getting things right because you have a skewed view of what kids need. Each step on this list should be used to support teachers and show them that you understand. 

1. Using Their Own Materials 

Teachers should be using their own materials because they need to be sure that they know how to deliver the content. They are looking for ways to incorporate new books and lessons all the time, but it can be too hard for them because they have to keep changing how they do this work. Someone who is changing their lesson and teaching style every year cannot ever get comfortable at work. 

Teachers should be allowed to use the same books and lesson materials they have used for years. You might find that a teacher at your child’s school is using a book series from the 1980s, and that book series probably works perfectly for them. Allow these teachers to have the books and lesson planning materials they need. They know what they need something that works with the way they teach. 

2. Offering Less Discipline 

Teachers are trying to offer less discipline because they do not believe that every student misbehaves on purpose. There are children who might have a problem paying attention in school, and they needs to be referred to someone who can help them. This is why the kids need to be given a chance to redeem themselves, learn how to behave, and learn how to control their emotions. Teachers who are helping these kids are making it easier for these kids to grow up. 

A child who wants to have a good experience at school will want to work with a teacher who is going to be nice to them. Teachers who are nice to kids are the ones that often get chastised for being kind because they are told that kids need discipline 24/7. This is not the case, and there are many people who need to evaluate how these kids are being treated when they are not behaving. 

Kids could be put into diversion programs that will be much better for them, and they can actually learn through special classes that teach them coping skills and breathing to help change their behavior. 

3. Offering More Fun 

Teachers should always offer more fun to their students because those students deserve to have a good time while they are learning. There are certain places where it is believed that kids are supposed to suffer to learn. That is not the case, and kids will stop paying attention when they think that they will be treated poorly in school. Teachers who take this into account by making sure that some projects are fun. Most teachers have perspective on what it means to be in school, and they try to keep kids happy so that they can stay engaged. 

The kids who are in school are going to have more fun in school only if their teachers are willing to be more engaging. Teachers cannot spend all their time lecturing thinking that they can get this across. There are older people running education systems who think the lecture style works, but they are wrong. Teachers are right to say that they need to be relatable and kind to their students. 

4. They Are Underpaid 

This is something that almost everyone can agree on, but there are many people who do not realize how bad the disparity is. These people often have a hard time seeing that teachers are paid paid for 40 hours of work at a rate that is too low as compared to the private sector. On top of that, the teachers are asked to do a lot of work outside of school because that is the only way to get everything done. These teachers just do not make enough money,, and they have demanded that their jobs be more viable. 

Teachers are afraid of having their job cut all the time, and that makes things even worse. These teachers need to have some kind of assurance that they have a job, and they need to be treated in a way that is the same as other industries where people get assurances that they can keep their jobs. If someone is thinking of getting a better job, they will leave education because they can make more money. 

5. Teacher Training Is Not Good 

Teacher training is generally not very good because it takes too long, does not teach what teachers need to know, and forces them to feel as though they will never learn how to teach well. Teachers have explained time and again that they are being forced to stay in college for five years, and that makes it so much harder for people to get through college. They want to go to college for four years, and they want to graduate with their friends. Someone who was not trained very well in college, spent too long in college, and makes too little money should be upset with that situation. 

The teacher training that people get should be given by people who are actually teaching, and it should have practical information that explains to the people how they would fit into a school staff. This is a very important part of learning to teach, but most teachers get no help at all. They only go to their first job being told they will not be comfortable for three years. No one wants to waste three years of their life. 

6. The Administrators Are Out of Touch 

Administrators are often out of touch because they have not been in the classroom for a long time or simply were not good teachers in the first place. Someone who wants to go into administration often does it for the money, and they ascend through the ranks quickly without actually proving themselves in the classroom. Teachers do not like taking advice from someone who is obviously not a very good teacher, and teachers have begged for ages to have people managing them who know what to do. 

There was a time when there was such a thing as a lead teacher, and that teacher was still in the classroom. There are many people who would perform well in a place like this because the lead teacher would be a good mentor. A principal who acts like an entitles CEO cannot help teachers learn how to do anything. 

There are many people who would like to have a career in education, but it is very hard for people to get into education if they see all these problems with the education field. These people need to be sure that they have reconciled these things when they want to go to college to learn how to teacher. There are many teachers who wish they knew what they know now, and they are trying to make things change by protesting, asking for change, and explaining to their local school systems why things are not ideal.

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