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The education world is rife with issues that stem from student discipline to lesson plans and the administration of schools. There are few listed here below that all parents, teachers, and administrators need to read. They all need perspective on certain things, and each subset of people should begin thinking about what they can do to support the other groups. Education only works when everyone is working together with a bit of perspective.

1. Administrators Need To Relax

There are too many administrators in education who have everyone call them Doctor, and these very same people often got out of the classroom as fast as they could. They have been in administration so long that they forgot how to teach, and some of them were not even good teachers to begin with. If you are an administrator, you need to go look in the mirror and ask yourself why you do this job. If you are doing it for the money, you need to evaluate your career choices. If you have pure intentions, you need to be sure that you have relaxed around your staff and made them feel as though they can approach you.

No teacher wants to feel as though the administration in their school is simply waiting for them to fail. There are schools like this, and the teachers cannot do a good job.

2. Teachers Need To Watch Students Carefully

Teachers need to watch students carefully because every student is different. you cannot give everyone the personal attention they need, but you should consider why they are the way that they are. Some kids are loud and boisterous because they are bored. You can get them to help another student. Some students are being rude and obnoxious because that is their choice. You have every right to discipline these kids, and some kids are having a hard time at home.

There are very quiet kids who anxious and nervous, and they need to be shown that you know they are there.

3. Parents Cannot Teach

Parents need to understand that they are not certified teachers, and they need to stand back to let teachers do their job. Parents can give perspective to teachers on their students, and they could help teachers make good choices in the classroom. There are a number of people who would want to talk to their teachers, and there are many people who would like to come to the school to have a talk with their child’s teacher. The two of them can work together so that they can come to a conclusion about what to do for the kids.

4. Teachers Need To Be More Fun

Teachers need to be more fun when they are in class. Teachers cannot lecture every day because that will bore their students. These teachers are not college professors, and they need to run their classes as if they teach in a regular school. Most people who go into classrooms where the teachers are not very nice will have a hard time learning because they get the impression that the teacher does not actually care about how much the kids are learning. If a teacher wants to teach college, they need to get their doctorate, go work at a college, and teach in that style.

5. Kids Need A Break

Everyone involved in the learning process needs to be sure that they know how stressed out kids are when they go to school. You should remember that kids are likely doing too much homework, and they probably feel as though they are not given enough time to be kids. These kids stay up too late, and they are often so stressed that they cannot get their work done. This is a large part of what makes school so terrible for some kids. They know they can do the work, but they are too anxious to complete it. The average high school student has been shown to have the same anxiety levels as an asylum patient from the 1950s, and that is something that parents and schools do not take into consideration.

If you are an adult in the modern day, your college degree was not as hard as the high school diploma you are forcing your child to get with straight A’s. This is a reality that you must grapple with, and many of these kids are forced to decide what they want to be when they grow up when they cannot even vote or drive a car. The stress is so bad that they will often give up, and then they are labeled a quitter when what they really have is a mental illness that needs to be treated.

6. Research Is Not Everything

You can walk around your school talking about how you do everything based on research but that does not always work. An administrator needs to be open to the idea that practical experience and practical work can make a big difference. There are many schools where the principals will talk about research, but they will not consider the research that says kids are anxious at catastrophic levels. However, these same people will force kids to drink orange juice before a standardized test.

You must take a step back to evaluate how you look at the work that kids do. You need to be sure that you have thought about how all the research helps kids. There are also certain bits of research that would never work in your school because you know that your school or your kids will not respond to it. You cannot get a degree in educational leadership and expect every study to work for your students the way that it worked in the utopian environment in which the study was done.

7. Teachers Need A Break

Teachers need to be given a break because they are already working too hard as it is. A teacher that is expected to give up all their time to work on papers and lesson plans should be given time to live a normal life. You cannot have people who are in the building late every night, and you need to have a policy that sends people home. You need to cut back on homework because it is too much for everyone, and you should not ask your teachers to submit lessons just for the sake of submitting them online. It would be better if you had a system where the teacher had their plan for the day on their desk.

Every teacher, parents, and administrator needs to take this information to heart. Administrators need t be very careful with how they manage people, and they cannot forget what it is like to teach every day. Some kids need discipline because they make bad choices, and parents need to stop trying to tell teachers how to do their jobs. All these groups need to work together so that kids can succeed, and teachers need to calm down so that they can have fun in the classroom. a truly good school has all parties working together while it is a fun and fruitful place to be because no one takes themselves too seriously.

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