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Education has been a political issue for ages, but it has been impacted by politics because most people who argue over education as policy are not education experts. People have been brought in to run the department of education even though they have no substantive experience, and there are people who speak on education without any inside knowledge of the field. You need to know what happens to education every time it becomes a political issue instead of an educational issue. 

1. What About Policy? 

It is true that education policy needs to be set by someone who knows what they are doing, but that is not always the case. People who write laws will do anything they want, and they are not required to speak to educators not he matter most of the time. Because of this, these people often do things that do not truly make sense. The educators who have to deal with these things every day have not had a say, and they simply get steamrolled by a policy that they would not like to deal with. However, these people have to keep their jobs. 

2. Low Pay 

Teachers are paid very little money compared to the amount of work that they do, and that keeps them desperate. Because of this, they need to go along with anything that they are told to do. You might see happy teachers who love their kids, but they are dying o the inside because they have too many new things to deal with. A teacher with even a small amount of experience has sat in a faculty meeting where someone from their school system had to come and explai the new policies they are using. These policies include bad books, bad ideas, and things that take too long for the teacher to do. 

3. Standardized Tests 

Standardized tests are used as a weapon in the public discourse, and teachers have to spend weeks a year just giving the tests. Someone who forces teachers to give these tests does not realize how mind-numbing they are to administer. The tests have to be read to kids who are in 2nd grade and younger, and they simply take too long in the older grades. There are teachers who do not even teach subjects that are on these tests, and they have to waste weeks out of their careers sitting in a silent room watching children take a test that has likely not been written very well. 

Teachers often find the questions to be odd, or they might find the same questions on tests from two different grades. The confusion that ensues means that kids are not learning what they should be learning, and they might not have any way of knowing the right answer because they have no way of learning something new while the test is going on. 

4. Poor Standards 

There have been changes to the way that children do math, and they often cannot get help at home because their parents are staring at math that they do not understand. The politicians who write these laws simply take the advice people who have the most money, or they start giving contracts to people to write or sell books, to write tests, and to teach teachers math that does not make any sense. Parents have already been frustrated by these things, and it will only get worse as the divide between educators and lawmakers gets larger. The educators will come to hate teaching in this style, and parents will be frustrated because they cannot do anything for their kids. The American education system has no consistency in it, and that makes it that much harder for kids to succeed. 

5. AP Classes 

There are many laws on the books that push AP classes because they provide resources to schools that can afford to have a lot more of these classes not he schedule. However, the problem with AP classes also extends to big money which often fuels politics. The company that offers all the AP tests is making money because of this surge in the need for AP tests, and there are many people who would like to do AP classes because they are afraid they cannot get into college. This is a big divide between the teachers, the colleges, and the kids. It causes stress that is hard to deal with. 

6. Stress On Students 

Stress on students has risen to a level that rivals asylum patients from the 1950s. These studies have been done, and they are easy to find. In fact, most people who have heard of these studies do not even believe them because they think that young people are lazy. Politicians are killing children with stress. There is no other way to say it, but these politicians do not want to take responsibility for the pain that they have caused in homes around America. There are many people who would like to see their kids succeed, but they get scared when they realize how depressing school can be for their kids. 

7. Kids Are Not Ready For College 

Kids are not ready for college because they have teachers who are not in sync with colleges. College professors often bemoan that kids are not ready for college because they have not been taught skills for that kind of classroom. The parents are scared their kids will not get into college, and high school teachers are forced to act like lecturers just to get through all the material they need to cover. The divide here is so big that a lot of kids drop out of college because they cannot take the stress anymore. Only a kid from a community with a lot of money and resources can do well because they have the best chance of getting a second start on college. Most people who drop out will stay out. 

8. Job Growth 

Policy for job growth is stunting kids who are in school because they know they cannot get a job when they get out of school. They are already wondering how they will survive in the real world, and they simply have no hope. The lawmakers who are not passing laws to help create jobs are causing a logjam in America where older people have to take entry level jobs, the companies are not spending money, and kids are left to stay at home for years at a time because they have no other options. 

9. Conclusion 

The impact of policy on education has been massive over the years. Anyone who is concerned about how their child learns must look to the people who make the laws. The lawmakers who are passing all these long and complicated bills do not have education experience, and they are not able to write a law that will make sense for teachers. Teachers do not feel as though they are valued, and they are not paid enough. This makes it hard for teachers to stay in the field, and the students are under a lot of stress because they are afraid they will not get into college or have a job even though they have worked so hard.

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