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Over 50% of the United States population thinks that the United States education system and what children learn in school should be standardized across the entire board, that is to a certain extent. They also believe that people should still have the right to homeschool their child or children if they would rather do that than put them into public or private school. There are several reasons why standardized education is a great idea and would help children learn better as a whole. Many people believe it would allow for more opportunity and equality so children could succeed and teachers would have an easier time with educating students no matter where they may be. 

A standardized curriculum for the United States education program could ensure that no child is left behind, or at least help begin to remedy the problem. A recent survey has found that some kids are behind in what they need to know when they go to college because teachers do not have too and are not always teaching kids the material that they need to focus on. By standardizing the material that is taught in the classroom, it ensures that all kids are learning the same thing which will help acceptance to college numbers go up since the competition among one another would be a level playing field. This would also mean that students would have a base curriculum for which they need to know everything which gives other students the chance to excel from there. It will help get more people into colleges and universities and allows the extra efforts to stand out from some students to not go unnoticed. 

Our education system, as it stands right now, says that each individual state has the right to teach whatever material that they choose to teach and not teach what they deem unnecessary. In theory that sounds fair. It sounds fair that each state could choose what they teach thinking that they could and would teach material that would push students to excel and get them into colleges, but this is not a perfect world, and allowing them to pick and choose what they teach can be detrimental to the students in the long run. For example, Iowa currently does not teach students about the theory of evolution. They may or may not do this due to personal beliefs of evolution, but the fact remains that this ends up hurting students who go into college not knowing anything about evolution which makes them behind in University curriculum. If every state has a standard curriculum of material that had to be covered throughout the year, it would ensure that students are set up for success and no one is left behind. 

There are man families, military families for example, who have to move around a lot. They have to move from state to state and sometimes a smaller move from just one district to another. This does not sound like it would hurt a student too much, but the fact is that it could cause a student to fall behind and end up lost and confused. The reason for this is that as mentioned before each state and even most districts have a different standard of what they teach. So, when a child moves to a different state or district they typically end up being very behind because their new school teaches more advanced material at a quicker pace, or very ahead because their new school is behind on things that they are teaching. So the children end up suffering because of the inequality of standards in the education program. differing states or districts within the states are incredibly divided on their standards, but it is not all by choice. Some schools simply do not have the funding to give the students the best quality of education as they would like too. Some schools are only able to give the students what they can afford which is severely outdated curriculum while other, better-funded schools are able to teach more material, better material, and more updated material which gives those students a leg up against the other set. Standardizing the curriculum will level that playing field giving each of them the same opportunities. 
Society would benefit from unifying the education standards across the United States because students would learn the same thing collectively. As it stands, kids learn certain things in certain areas depending on what the specific district's jurisdiction decides is important and not important. Some districts mandate certain things be taught, while a district right next to it might not think those same materials are important at all. If the education standards are unified and all students in each grade level learn the same things, more progress can be made. Kids in each grade would be given the same expectations and would, therefore, have the ability to go further in their education and benefit society more. 
It is no doubt that every citizen, especially parents of current students, want to rest in the knowledge that their students are getting the quality of education that they deserve. The current education system is only as good as the district administrators make it. If the administrator maps out the curriculum and decides to leave a lot oo=ut, it can potentially hurt students while others are getting a fuller scope of things they are learning because the district administrator does not leave anything out. A unified system will give every student across the nation access to the same great quality tools and knowledge to progress their learning. Every student has the right to have access to tools to help them learn better no matter what learning challenges they may have. It will even the playing field for students, but help teachers as well. It helps teachers teach better if they have access to the best tools and updated teaching materials so that their lessons are as effective as possible. If every teacher has access to the same tools, they can all do their jobs with maximum effectiveness. 

Some people think that standardizing education is not the best idea in the world. It is no secret that some students do not learn in the same style or at the same pace as other students. Some teachers, parents, and students believe that if standards are unified it could be detrimental to other students who need extra time and attention. Some kids need a different approach to what they are learning and if the standards are unified, they can't do that. Other people believe that standardizing education kills the drive students have to stand out. When they do less to stand out and are comfortable with just getting through school because everyone is learning the same thing, then they get comfortable. It is harder to find their strengths and weaknesses and their passions which makes their adult life harder because they don't know how to follow their passions and stand out to employers. 

Standardizing education across the United States is a hot debate and has been for many years. In many ways, it can be beneficial for students to all have access to the same education, while it can hurt others who are in need of further help. In the end, it seems that the pros outway the cons, but that is ultimately for the educational administrators to decide.
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