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The Quality School Concept: What School Life Is Like
The quality of life that kids get in school is such a big deal that studies have been done on it. The people who have kids in school or are concerned about kids need to learn about the quality of life inside a school building. Most people who would prefer to help kids need to think about all the little things that change the quality of life inside the building. If you have not thought of these things, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the kids who have to go through this every day. 

1. What Is School Quality Of Life? 

School quality of life is the measure of what children feel when they go to school. They have many different things going on when they go to school, and their quality of life is impacted by teacher attitude, meals, the schedule, the decorations in the building, class offerings, other students, and opportunities they have. School quality of life is often cited when kids are depressed or feel too much anxiety because of school. The kids are often in a place here they are suffering because of something in the building that makes them feel bad. 

2. Other Students 

Other students need to be stopped as soon as possible when they are bullying others. There are some kids who would like to have more friends, but they cannot meet anyone who will fulfill their social needs. Some kids are bullied, and other kids are treated as kings and queens while others are suffering. Children need to be taught how to act around others, and they need to learn compassion just as much as discipline. Some kids are very quiet because they are too shy to make friends, and these kids are often deemed to be easy. 

The easy kids do not get the attention that they need, and they are much lonelier than we think they are. These children often withdraw from society, or they must live the rest of their life with the pain of not having any connections to people when they we’re younger. A child who has a poor school quality of life might not get noticed even though they are very obviously not happy. also, some kids will have a bad quality of life because they have to pretend to be something they are not just to get by. 

3. Teacher Attitudes 

Teacher attitudes make a big difference in school quality of life. A student who has been treated poorly by a teacher will have a hard time in school. These students start to feel like they have a hard time just getting through classes because they are so afraid of their teachers. Someone who is trying to get through school without any pain cannot do it if they feel a teacher hates them. Some teachers who are treating students nicely might take their classes too seriously. A child who thinks that one class takes over their whole schedule will have a hard time getting through any other classes. 

4. Opportunities 

The opportunities that a kid has in school will change how they view that school. Some kids hate being in school because they feel like they cannot do anything that they would actually like to do. These kids have dreams that are not supported, and they often give up on those dreams. Because of that, these kids will do jobs that do not satisfy them. They might make money, but they will not be happy. The kid who is not happy is going to continue to rebel against society and anyone around them because they simply do not have any outlet that is good for them. 

The kids who want to play sports or be in band will be miserable if they cannot do those things. These kids need to have art classes, clubs that will be right for them, and options that will make it easier for them to enjoy the school day on some level. There are kids who want to do internships in high school, and they often need to get those opportunities through the school. 

5. Meals 

Food in a school is often seen as one of the worst parts of the school. Someone who is trying to make the best possible choices for their future cannot do that when they are not eating well. Food in schools is often substandard because the funds are not there for that food. Also, these kids do not have enough time to eat their lunch. They are rushed, or they are not given enough time to relax between classes. 

6. The Schedule 

The schedule that kids are expected to keep is too much for the normal person. The students are put through seven classes a day, or they are put through four very long classes that will cause them to wonder how they can get all their work done. The kids might need to practice outside of school for these classes, or they have homework that could take up to an hour a night per class. These kids do not even have time to eat or sleep, and that causes them to wonder why they should even try. The kids that do survive these programs are burnt out when they get to college, or they burn out after college because of all the stress. 

The standard school starts too early, and kids are not getting enough sleep. Parents can see their kids falling apart, but they have no idea what to do because their kids cannot afford to fail out of school. 

7. The Buildings Are Often Too Old 

some kids are getting sick multiple times a year because they are in buildings that make them sick. These buildings are filled with mold and mildew, and they are very easy to get sick in because all the air ducts, walls, and ceilings are covered in mold. You can smell the musty smell when you walk in these buildings, and the quality of life in the school is very low because every single person knows they will get sick. 

8. Technology 

Technology is something in schools that most people do not realize they need. Adding a little bit of technology to the school is enough to make that place a much better place to learn. However, the school has to invest in all the right parts fo the world of technology. They need to bring in tablets for the kids to use, and they need to put smart boards in all the rooms. They need a good WiFi signal, and they need to not bemoan technology because it can be very useful. Even something as simple as teaching kids to use Wikipedia source articles to write papers could be very helpful. 

9. Conclusion 

There are many people who would like to learn in a school that makes their their quality of life better. However, there are many schools where the quality of life is very low. You need to be on the lookout for the signs you see above. These could point to a school that makes your child miserable, or you should ask yourself if the place where you work is doing right by children.
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