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When you're talk about education in the US, it's impossible not to mention Common Core. Implemented in 2010, this new set of educational standards was designed to create consistent math and English learning objectives across the nation, and as a result, improve the education of American youth. The good news is that these standards are helping to better prepare our children for their future. Even so, many people just don't get how Common Core works, or why it's important. Let's go over some of the benefits of Common Core, and how it has improved education in the US. 

Preparing Children for College 

It's no secret that obtaining a college education is important when it comes to building a successful life, and living the American dream. One of the main objectives of Common Core is ensuring that all children are prepared to attend college from an educational standpoint. Without the Common Core standards, children from some states/districts would have a significant advantage over others not only when applying for college, but in being able to function at college as well. 

By setting concrete standards for education in math and English, Common Core helps to ensure that all children have the opportunity to pursue higher level education should they choose to do so. Opening the door of opportunity for students in this way also benefits the country's economy, and future through a more educated population, possessing a greater variety of career options. 

Accommodating Mobile Students 

In today's busy world of ever changing careers, parents often times find themselves having to move either due to necessity, or to pursue greater career opportunities. Needless to say, this can create havoc on a child's educational development if the parents move from one district to another that has different educational standards. The implementation of Common Core has helped to reduce the impact of moving on a child's education by allowing them to pick up where they left off, and be held to similar standards, while receiving education on a level appropriate for their skill level. 

The absence of Common Core can create disruptions to the learning process in the event of a move. Children get stuck in classrooms teaching math and English above their skill level, discouraging them, or below their skill level, leading to boredom, disinterest, and wasted time. Common Core helps to alleviate these issues, and allows children to experience a consistent education despite changing schools. 

Accommodating Mobile Teachers 

In addition to providing students with a consistent classroom experience, Common Core also helps teacher to achieve the same. When moving from one district ot another, teachers used to have to learn and alter their teaching style to suit the standards of the new district. This could lead to a loss of performance due to stress, confusion, and simple misunderstanding. 

With Common Core math and English teachers can pursue new career opportunities without the fear of having to constantly adapt to new standards. Instead, they are free to develop a teaching style that work in all districts that have adopted Common Core, allowing them to better serve their students, and communities. 

Cutting Costs 

One of the biggest advantages of Common Core from an economic standpoint is the fact that it can drastically cut costs when it comes to developing tests, scoring, and reporting.. Since the standards are the same across districts, testing has become streamlined. This level of standardization decreases the burden on logistics, and helps to cut costs across the state. 

Teachers Can Better Assess Their Student's Progress 

Something that doesn't get talked about when discussing Common Core, but is actually a big part of it is the Common Core State Standards assessments. This system functions as tool that teachers can use to monitor the progress of their students with greater accuracy, and determine how to better help them develop. This is especially useful in determining the correct strategy to prepare students for major tests, and getting them to where they need to be at the end of the school year. 

Another great thing about this is that it also allows teachers to compare students' progress against a commonly held standard, instead of against other students. This can help to create more realistic expectations that are neither too high, nor too low depending on whether or not significantly gifted, or significantly under-preforming students are in the class. This will help ensure that all students are treated fairly, and receive a level of education appropriate for their skill level. 

Education Over Memorization 

One of the biggest flaws of American education over the decades has been an increased focus on memorization, rather than critical thinking skills. With Common Core standardization, students are not only taught what they are learning, but also why they are learning it thanks to the clearly defined goals of Common Core. This allows true education to advance more swiftly, and essential skills to be obtained on a path more consistent with what will be expected in the future. 

The effects of this will benefit students even after they graduate, and begin pursuing their own careers. By encouraging critical thinking in their childhood, they will be better equipped to choose jobs that suit their skills, and that they enjoy. This in turn will benefit the economy, and the country as a whole as a happier, more productive workforce fuels our path towards the future. 

Equality Through Literacy 

The Common Core system focuses heavily on English language skills ,and literacy level, two factors that have consistently been inconsistent across the US in past decades. This inconsistency in literacy has also created an inconsistency in opportunities for our children, giving some students a much greater advantage over others. 

By standardizing literacy levels across the nation, Common Core helps to create an even playing field for all children as they transition into adulthood, and begin their careers. No student's future should be limited because they are less literate than others from another district, and Common Core helps to weed out these discrepancies which can negatively affect children for the rest of their lives. 

Competing with Other Countries 

Sadly, the US has fallen way behind other developed nations in terms of test scores in the past several decades. This is due to a variety of factors including the stagnation of the US educational system while other countries continually improve. Common Core seeks to address this discrepancy by creating standards that meet or exceed those of other countries, allowing US students to once again compete on equal footing within the global market place. This in turn has allowed the US itself to reassert itself within the global economy, and restore some of the reputation that had been lost due to comparatively low educational standards. 

Common Core - It Just Works 

The benefits of Common Core have proven themselves to outweigh any drawbacks over the years since its inception. By holding teachers and students to a common set of standards across districts, the Common Core system has helped to create a level playing field while opening new doors of opportunity. Students now have the benefit of being more prepared to enter college, and teachers are able to better nurture students, while pursuing their careers as they wish. 

In the end Common Core has been a great program for America, correcting decades old problems that have held us back as the rest of the world moved forward. As a global leader in many industries, the US is once again poised to become a leader in education as well.

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